Floor Exercise

Apparatus norms:
Competition area 12 metres by 12 metres
Edge - 1 metre
Safety zone 2 metres
Total length of one side 18 metres

Composition requirements:

  • Dance passage of two different leaps or hops from the Table of elements connected directly or indirectly, one of which must show a 180° cross or side split or straddle position
  • Saltos both forwards or sidewards and backwards
  • Salto with long axis turn of at least 360°
  • Salto with double BA
  • Dismount (last counting acrobatic line) -No dismount or A or B dismount – award 0.0 points, for C-dismount – award 0.30 points, for D or higher dismount – award 0.50 points.

Connection values:
Indirect acrobatic for 0.20 points
B/C + D
A + A + D
Indirect acrobatic for 0.20 points
C + E
D + D
A + A + E
Direct acrobatic for 0.10 points
A + D
C + C
Direct acrobatic for 0.20 points
A + E
C + D
D salto + B dance
E salto + A dance
must be performed in this order
Connecting turns on one leg
D + B
B + B (no intermediate step)
Note: Turns may be performed on the same support leg, or with a step into the turn on the opposite leg (a brief demi-plié is allowed on one or both feet)

Table of elements:

Floor Exercise. Group 1 — Leaps, jumps and hops

Floor Exercise. Group 2 — Gymnastics Turns

Floor Exercise. Group 3 — Hand Support Elements

Floor Exercise. Group 4 — Front and Side Saltos

Floor Exercise. Group 5 — Back Saltos