Handstand drills for beginners - watch those shoulders!

It's no secret that a handstand ranks among the top three skills a gymnast needs and enforcing proper technique early is one of the coach's most important objectives. This video from GymTactics presents a great syllabus for handstand progressions.

Here are the main teaching stations. Be sure to watch the entire video and think of creative ways to plan stations for your training session.

Using the lunge to coach a handstand in gymnastics T-scale for coaching a handstand Straight body position for coaching a handstand in gymnastics Bridge for coaching a handstand in gymnastics Easy incline handstand position for coaching gymnastics Difficult incline handstand for coaching gymnastics Wall handstand on rail for coaching gymnastics Supported pike handstand for coaching gymnastics Lifted leg in supported pike handstand for coaching gymnastics Handstand drop for coaching gymnastics

And here is the full video:

Teaching Handstands To Six-year-olds: