Skill Progression #2: Clear Hips

This is not meant to be an exhaustive showing of all the possible clear hip drills. It is only intended to be a skeletal outline for laying a basic foundation of clear-hipping with compulsory level girls.

Clear hip circle
Pre-Competitive Anxiety And Self-Confidence In Pan American Gymnasts [PDF]

This study aimed to examine the intensity and direction of pre-competitive anxiety indicators (both somatic and cognitive), as well as self-confidence, in gymnasts participating in the 2011 Pan American Games.

Школа гимнастики - Tumbling

This short video from the Russian "School of Gymnastics" series points out fundamental areas of tumbling.

Ballistic Kicking for Flexibility - Tammy Biggs

Here are some quick drills using theraband elastics to improve flexibility and strength in flexibility from Tammy Biggs.

More Kip Drills - Tony Retrosi

The kip is one of the most difficult skills for young athletes to learn on bars. Here Tony Retrosi gives a couple of helpful drills to learn this challenging gymnastic skill.

Backward Giant and Forward Swing

The complete training on the backward giant on the uneven bars. From the swing to the backward giant, all the steps to teach this skill.

Giant circle
Strength Training Fundamentals in Gymnastics Conditioning

Gymnastics alone will not develop nor even maintain an adequate level of strength for advanced gymnastics. Special conditioning must be performed, besides countless elements, combinations, parts, and full routines. Inconsistent strength…

Counter-movement on uneven bars

The complete training on using counter-movement on the uneven bars to travel from the low bar to the high bar. This sets the foundation for core bar transition skills like the toe shoot.

Comparison Of Floor Exercise Apparatus Spring-Types On A Gymnastics Rearward Tumbling Take-Off

Gymnastics tumbling has occurred on large spring floor apparatuses for several decades. The spring floors have used a variety of elastic materials and designs to provide an increased take-off velocity and a forgiving landing surface.…

Sissone Jump

Detailed instructions for the sissone, highlighting a few common mistakes as well.

Kasamatsu Versus Tsukahara Vault

In the gymnastics vault, many male gymnasts presently perform vaulting of the Kasamatsu type in competitions. The purpose of this study was to clarify the characteristics of the vaulting motion of the Kasamatsu vault in comparison with…Tsukahara Vault

Advanced Handstands - Acrobatic Gymnastics - Brandi Lewis

Acrobatic gymnastics is a difficult and beautiful sport. Here Brandi Lewis from WOGA shows how tops for pairs train advanced handstands on handstand blocks.

Stalder......My way - by Lee Woolls

Lee Woolls goes into depth on this step-by-step deconstruction of the Stalder.

La souplesse arrière à la poutre : Présentation de la formation vidéo GymneoTV

Retrouvez dans cette vidéo, la présentation de la formation GymneoTV sur la souplesse arrière à la poutre. La formation d'une durée de 1h00 et composée de 7 vidéos est disponible sur

Back walkover
Bars training for USA levels

Olympia gymnastics shares its coaches' training clinic for USA bars levels.

Self-Esteem And Trait Anxiety In Girls Practicing Competitive And Recreational Gymnastics [PDF]

The purpose of this study was to examine self-esteem and trait anxiety in 161 girls, 10-12 years old, practising competitive and recreational gymnastics sports. To measure self-esteem and trait anxiety, the Greek versions of Harter’s…

Strengthening Hip Muscles - Brandi Smith Young

Here is an exercise to improve hip muscle strength from Brandi Smith Young.

Angelina Melnikova - Stoop-through back extension roll complex for uneven bars

This stoop-through back extension roll complex builds upon years of painstaking work. Apart from great handstand awareness, prerequisites for this set include excellent pike-sit stretches and should extension conditioning.

Pirouettes on bars
Improving Hip Flexor Flexibility - Brandi Smith Young

Brandi Smith Young explains how to improve your hip flexor flexibility.

How to use the Spring Board - Tony Retrosi

Tips from Tony Retrosi on how to get the most out of the spring board for vaulting.

SHIFT - Lower Body Power

SHIFT Movement Science and Gymnastics Education shares a playlist for lower body power aimed at gymnasts.

Saltos on Balance Beam - Mary Lee Tracy

Here are some quick tips from Mary Lee Tracy to develop both front and side flips on balance beam.

The Relationship Between The Mechanical Parameters In The Take-Off Of A Vault And The Drop Jump Ability

In the vault in gymnastics, the take-off motion is important to the success of the vault and to perform more difficult vaults. Vaulting ability has been studied by motion analysis, but this method is not effective for easy evaluation.…