Gymnastics Explained - Rudi

What is a Rudi in gymnastics? British Gymnastics knows!

30-minute Russian Choreography lesson

The world of dance brings so much to gymnastics that we can't pass up a good lesson. Who has time to refine beauty during training on apparatus? The better approach is to integrate very focused choreography from a young age while there…

Whip Back with 1/2 Twist - Tony Retrosi

Combination tumbling is one of the ways to increase difficulty scores on floor. Here Tony gives a few drill to help with a whip back with 1/2 twist.

Whip back half
There Is No Kick in a Kip - Dan Connelly

The kip is the most important skill for age group bars and one of the most challenging to learn. Here Dan Connelly gives a few tips to make learning this skill easier.

Skill Progressions #17: Straddle Press Handstand

Welcome to the GymTactics Videos channel: "Tactics" is a way of thinking about skills and thinking about coaching, always striving to find the best and most efficient way of teaching skills.

Press to handstand

A quick look at the Tinsica.

Running for Vaulting - Tony Retrosi

Creating speed in a controlled way is an important element for great vaulting. Here Tony Retrosi talks about how he does that with his gymnasts.

Approche du double tendu au fast track - partie 2

Gymneo Live #004 : Entraînement au Fast track . Seconde partie de la séance d'apprentissage sur le double tendu .

Double layout
Creating Straight Roundoffs - Mas Watanabe

The roundoff is one of the most basic skills in gymnastics, and one of the most important being used on floor, vaulting (men and women), and beam. Here Mas Watanabe gives a few tips on how to keep this important skill straight and…Round-off

Ring Handstand Development - Hideo Mizoguchi

Here is a quick drill to help strengthen handstands on rings from Hideo (Mizo) Mizoguchi.

Conditioning for Dance - a strong pelvic floor

This video addresses building a strong pelvic floor, an essential component to maintaining body position in dance skills.

The Cody on Trampoline - George Hery

The cody is an important developmental skill on trampoline and great to help develop air awareness for gymnastics. Here George Hery explains how to perform a great cody.

The Seat Drop on Trampoline

The complete training on the seat drop on trampoline. After the flat back drop, explore this new basic move that your gymnasts will use throughout their careers.

Safety Falls - Beth Gardner

Safety is always a big concern when teaching gymnastics. Certified gymnastic safety instructor Beth Gardner shows the proper way to teach a safety fall and avoid serious injury.

Kinematic And Kinetic Tumbling Take-Off Comparisons Of A Spring-Floor And An Air Floor(Tm): A Pilot Study [PDF]

Tumbling take-offs on floor exercise apparatuses of varying stiffness properties may contribute to apparatus behaviours that lead to increased injury exposure. The purpose of this pilot study was to compare the kinematics, kinetics, and…

Arabesque - Donna Culp

Here is a quick tip to improve your lines and leg position in your arabesque.

Saltos on Balance Beam - Mary Lee Tracy

Here are some quick tips from Mary Lee Tracy to develop both front and side flips on balance beam.

The Straight Jump on Trampoline

The complete training on the straight jump on the big trampoline. How to teach this basic element.

Punch Front on Beam - Mary Lee Tracy

Tip for improving a punch front or front tuck on balance beam by Mary Lee Tracy.

Front tuck
Skill Progressions #27: Front Handspring on Floor

Welcome to the GymTactics Videos channel: "Tactics" is a way of thinking about skills and thinking about coaching, always striving to find the best and most efficient way of teaching skills.

Front handspring Hurdle
Skill Progression #3: Cast Handstands

This video presents a few casting drills (in addition to the tried and true method of repetitive spotting) that, in my opinion, can help develop a straddle cast to handstand. These are some drills that I feel help the girl get the idea…Cast to handstand

Full Turn Drill - Tammy Biggs

Tammy Biggs gives a drill to improve turns on beam.

Full turn
Various Spotting Techniques on Uneven Bars

The complete training on the various spotting techniques in women's uneven bars. From the kip to the acrobatic dismount, and from release moves to giants, learn effective, reassuring spotting techniques.

Stalder Toe-on Toe-off Clear hip circle Pak salto Shaposhnikova Hindorff
Squat on Jump to High Bar with Spot

The squat on jump to high bars is one of the first skills to test a young gymnast's confidence. Help her overcome her fear by learning how to properly spot this bar transition.

Squat on