Gymnastics: Giant circle backward

Excerpt from video 3/7 (prerequisites) of the training on the giant swing backward on the uneven bars. Get the entire sequence on prerequisites and the full training (drills, technical analysis, specific physical preparation, pedagogy,…Giant circle

Gainers on Trampoline - George Hery

Here is another tip from George Hery on Gainer back flips on trampoline.

Strengthening Body Shapes - Tony Retrosi

Tips from Tony Retrosi on exercises and drills to strengthen basic body positions and strength.

Gymnastics Explained - Pak Salto

What is a Pak Salto on the Asymmetric Bars in gymnastics? British Gymnastics knows!

Pak salto
Straddle Cast to Handstand - Tony Retrosi

Here are some simple drills from Tony Retrosi to learn a straddle cast to handstand on bars. He has one unusual drill for women's gymnastics using the men's parallel bars.

Cast to handstand
General coaches education clinic

The hour long clinic covers lower level skills needed to ensure future progress.

Stride circle Lunge
Gymnastics: Salto stretched with step-out on the beam

Excerpt from video 7/7 (LIVE performance) of the training on the salto stretched with step-out on the beam. Get the entire LIVE performance sequence and the full training (total duration: 1:21) at Video 1: Overview of…Layout-stepout

SHIFT - Lower Body Mobility

SHIFT Movement Science and Gymnastics Education shares a playlist for lower body mobility aimed at gymnasts.

Gymnastics Explained - Sheep Jump

What is a Sheep jump on the Beam in gymnastics? British Gymnastics knows!

Sheep jump
Short-Term Effects Of Elastic Taping On Gymnasts Jumping Performance

It was explored whether three different applications of elastic tape on the lower limbs of active, healthy gymnasts influence their vertical jumping performance. 16 gymnasts randomly performed drop jumps, squat jumps, and counter…

The Front Drop on Trampoline

The complete training on the front drop on trampoline! Technical analysis and drills to teach this skill that’s the basis of all forward tumbling moves.

Школа гимнастики - trampoline

Trampoline plays a central role in training for artistic gymnastics. This video from the Russian "School of Gymnastics" series highlights this apparatus.

Les diverses manipulations autour des éléments de gymnastique aux barres asymétriques

Présentation de la formation sur les diverses manipulations autour des éléments de gymnastique aux barres asymétriques. Programme de la formation complète : 7 vidéos, 34 éléments technique de la bascule au Jaeger tendu vrille et 75…

GymneoLive #001: Foot Work – Part 1

Gymneo Live #001: Choreography preparation with Grégory Milan. Observation of a dance preparation session on foot work.

Pirouette Drills on Floor - Tony Retrosi

Here is a quick drill to help with the weight shift for pirouettes from Tony Retrosi.

Pirouettes on bars
Foam Roller For Gymnasts

Foam rolling can be a great way to help young gymnasts recover from hard workouts and to address specific tight areas that they might develop when overusing muscles. In this video we go over foam rolling the IT band, quads, hamstrings,…

Press Handstand - Tony Retrosi

Tips for improving a press to handstand from Tony Retrosi.

Press to handstand
Training Load In Pre-Pubertal Female Artistic Gymnastics [PDF]

An understanding of the multiple factors affecting young gymnasts is required to assist in optimizing performance and injury prevention.

Pirouette & Blind Change Drills Part 2 - Hideo Mizoguchi

Here is an interesting and difficult drill from Hideo (Mizo) Mizoguchi to improve pirouettes on uneven and high bar.

Blind change
Front Tumbling Drills - Tony Retrosi

Being able to accelerate front tumbling make the more difficult skills easier. Here Tony show drills for the handspring front and handspring front layout using an inclined mat.

Angelina Melnikova - handstand complex for bars

This great oldie-but-goodie complex is a great way to improve bar execution.

Pirouettes on bars
Handstand and Pirouette Positions - Tony Retrosi

Here are a couple of drills from Tony Retrosi to improve your lines for handstands and pirouettes.

Pirouettes on bars
Handstand on Bars - Tony Retrosi

Here is a quick gymnastic video tip for developing handstands on bars from Tony Retrosi