Foam Roller For Gymnasts

Foam rolling can be a great way to help young gymnasts recover from hard workouts and to address specific tight areas that they might develop when overusing muscles. In this video we go over foam rolling the IT band, quads, hamstrings,…

Hip Flexor Treatment For Gymnasts

Gymnasts are always overusing their hip flexors which not only causes hip pain, but also lower back pain. In this video, we review Gymnast Cares hip flexor protocol to help reduce tightness and pain due to hip flexor tightness.

Sever's Disease Treatment for Gymnasts

Sever's Disease can be very intense for young gymnasts. This video shows easy to do at home stretching and massage to combat this intense issue. We use this same treatment every day to provide relief to gymnasts and you should try it…

Russian compulsory beam routine clinic

This excerpt of a 2018 Russian coaching clinic goes over the details of the Russian compulsory beam routines for girls in the 1st category, roughly 11-12 years old.

Опорный прыжок - Russian vault clinic

This excerpt from a 2018 Russian coaching clinic focuses on hand placement on the vault table for entries.

Tsukahara Vault
Осанка и акробатика - Posture and Shaping for Tumbling

This 18-minute video from a 2018 Russian clinic focuses on posture, or shaping, necessary for tumbling.

Акробатическая разминка - Russian Tumbling Warm-up

Ideally, a warm-up leads athletes smoothly into their first event. Here is a Russian warm-up focused on tumbling.

Разминка - Complete Russian Warm-up

This video shows a complete warm-up presented at a 2018 Russian coaching clinic.

Russian Deep Core Conditioning for Female Gymnasts

In this video, the Russian national coaches present several exercises used for conditioning with a special emphasis on deep core.

Хореография - More Russian Choreography

Basic line work beings young but continues throughout a gymnast's career. This 20-minute video demonstrates the dedication to fine detail that is needed to build beautiful gymnastics.

Хореография - Russian choreography, lines and flexibility

This 18-minute excerpt from the choreography segment of a 2018 Russian coaching clinic focuses on Russia's classic approach to beautiful lines.

Хореография бревно - Choreography balance beam

This excerpt from a Russian clinic focuses on beam choreography with special attention paid to rhythm, extension and lines.

Брусья: девушки - Russian national team coach Sergey Andrianov presents uneven bars clinic

This 18-minute excerpt from a clinic in Russia shows several drills necessary to achieve technical mastery on uneven bars.

Giant With A Straddle Tap Technique

Great giant on the girls uneven bars showing an excellent straddle tap technique narrated by Tom Forster.

Tap swing Giant circle
Analysis of physical training influence on the technical execution of dismounts off the uneven bars

Highlighting of physical training dynamics and its influence on the biomechanical characteristics of the dismounts off uneven bars executed by junior gymnasts aged 12 to 15 years.

The influence of body position on the straddled Tkatchev’s flight phase in men’s horizontal bar

To examine the effect of level of expertise on the flight phase of the straddled Tkatchev we analysed six male gymnasts (mass = 64.0 +/- 3.0kg, height = 1.67 +/- 0.06m) split into three proficiency levels Elite, Intermediate and…Tkachev

Angelina Melnikova - Strap bar complex

This strap bar complex helps to refine techniques while also improving endurance for bar routines.

Stalder Clear hip circle Toe-on Toe-off Giant circle
Sebastian Melander Clinic " acro"

This 12-minute segment comes from Sweden's top coach, Sebastian Melander, in a clinic on how to tumble in a straight line.

Should Female Gymnasts Lift Weights?

Gymnastics coaches and administrators in the US are reluctant to include weight training with female gymnasts because they believe it produces detrimental increases in muscle mass. However, weight training based on high-intensity…

Sever's Disease Tape Job

Properly taping your young athlete's against Sever's disease is an important aspect of protecting their growth plates.

Sever's Disease Protocol

Sever's disease can be an extremely painful situation for a young athlete. It can also keep them from doing what they love. Dr. Joshua Eldridge has put together an easy to follow, fantastic protocol for Sever's disease...

Split Flexibility by Dr Wm Sands

By Wm A. Sands, Ph.D., Head – Sport Biomechanics and Engineering, U.S. Olympic Committee Chair - USECA. Split  flexibility,  or  the  ability  to  achieve  a  fore  and  rear  leg position of 180 degrees or more, is a highly prized…Flexibility

Reverse Leg hold turns

Learn how to do a reverse let hold turn with Autumn Miller and special Australian guest Tori Wade.

Late Drop Techniques For In-Bar Skills By Tom Forster

This article covers techniques for entering close bar skills and highlights some common errors to avoid.

Stalder Clear hip circle Toe-on Toe-off