Mental Choreography - Mary Lee Tracy

Mental preparation for competition is extremely important. In this gymnastic tip, Mary Lee Tracy talks about how her athletes prepare.

Body Position for Full Turn on Beam - Kellie Mizoguchi

Having great posture and body lines make the full turn beautiful. Here Kellie Mizoguchi shows drills she uses to teach this important element.

Full turn
Balancing In Handstand On The Floor [PDF]

Based on stabilometric measurements and 3D kinematic analysis of correcting movements equalizing the perturbations during a handstand we can distinguish several strategies of maintaining balance.

Apprentissage du Jaeger (partie 4/4)

GymneoLive #011 : Premières séances d’apprentissage sur le Jaeger . Thème de la séance : Premiers exercices d’apprentissage (Travail aux barres) .

Skill Progressions #14: Swing Half Turn Dismount

Welcome to the GymTactics Videos channel: "Tactics" is a way of thinking about skills and thinking about coaching, always striving to find the best and most efficient way of teaching skills.

SHIFT - Lower Body Mobility

SHIFT Movement Science and Gymnastics Education shares a playlist for lower body mobility aimed at gymnasts.

Comparison Of Floor Exercise Apparatus Spring-Types On A Gymnastics Rearward Tumbling Take-Off

Gymnastics tumbling has occurred on large spring floor apparatuses for several decades. The spring floors have used a variety of elastic materials and designs to provide an increased take-off velocity and a forgiving landing surface.…

Approche technique des exercices sur le Pivot de base

GymneoLive #007 : Description et analyses des exercices de la séquence live 006 .
Grégory Milan nous présente "techniquement", les exercices proposés dans la séance sur le pivot de base .

Школа гимнастики - Floor exercise

This excerpt from the Russian "School of Gymnastics" series covers floor exercise basics.

Beginner backhandspring drills

This popular videos provides cues for teaching the back handspring to beginners.

Back handspring
Backward Giant and Forward Swing

The complete training on the backward giant on the uneven bars. From the swing to the backward giant, all the steps to teach this skill.

Giant circle
Developing Power in Back Handsprings in the Snap Down - Mas Watanabe

A strong powerful back handspring is one of the most important skills in tumbling. Here Mas Watanabe shows how to develop power in this important skill.

Back handspring
Front Handspring Vault Tutorial - Gymnastics Instruction

A comprehensive Gymnastics Instructional Video that shows the how to teach a Front Handspring Vault on the Vault Table. This is a video for Gym Owners to teach their coaches how to Front Handspring Vault on a Vault Table.

Front handspring vault
Comparative Restoration Of Balance After Disturbing The Vestibular Apparatus With Passive Whole-Body Rotation: Case Study

The aim of this study was to establish whether the direction of the whole-body rotation influences the restoration of balance after the disturbance of vestibular apparatus with passive whole-body rotation. For this purpose, a chair…

Using Tammy's Bands - Tammy Biggs

Here is a tip from Tammy Biggs on using the bands that she uses around the country when she is visiting gymnastics clubs.

Front tuck
A Case Study Of The Body Weight Management Of An Elite Gymnast During The Preparing Period For 2012 Olympiad [PDF]

Based on the needs of higher and higher competition level day by day in the world, more and more details gained from training practice should contribute more evidence to the development of gymnastic. This report would like to present…

Improving Hip Flexor Flexibility - Brandi Smith Young

Brandi Smith Young explains how to improve your hip flexor flexibility.

Backward giant half turn

he complete training on backward giants with a half turn. This fundamental movement is necessary to master in order to raise difficulty on core skills.

Toe Pitch - Acrobatic Gymnastics - Brandi Lewis

Dynamic and Flight skills are exciting elements of Acrobatic Gymnastics. Here Brandi Lewis teaches how to develop a Toe Pitch.

Video de Gym : Présentation de la formation sur la lune au saut de cheval, GymneoTV

Présentation de la formation vidéo en ligne sur la lune au saut de cheval en gymnastique. Retrouvez l'intégralité de la formation, d'une durée de 1h16 sur Vous y découvrirez une analyse technique, les prérequis, des…Front handspring vault

Back Hip Circles (Supplemental Drill)

Welcome to the GymTactics Videos channel: "Tactics" is a way of thinking about skills and thinking about coaching, always striving to find the best and most efficient way of teaching skills.

Back hip circle
Low Back Pain And The Possible Role Of Pilates In Artistic Gymnastics [PDF]

Pilates has been used as a rehabilitation method for a lower back problems and shown to be effective and of good subjective acceptance in the general population, but specific studies in artistic gymnastics are lacking. According to the…

Drill for late drop and stalder

Good example of a drill performed on the floor for the Stalder.