Stretching Hip Flexers at Home - Mary Lee Tracy

Getting into the gym everyday through the holiday season can be challenging. Here are some hip flexor stretching drills from Mary Lee Tracy and Cassie that you can do at home to keep your training on track.

Kinematic And Kinetic Analysis Of Counter Movement Jump Versus Two Different Types Of Standing Back Somersault [PDF]

The aim of this study was to compare the take-off’s kinetic and kinematic variables between three types of jumps from a standing position: counter movement jump with arm swing (CMJa), standing back somersault with landings on the spot (…

Points of Bed Contact - Gymnastics

Jay Scouler talks you through the different points of bed contact you make whilst on the trampoline.

The Front Handspring Front Tuck

The complete training on the front handspring front tuck on vault. How to teach this skill to your gymnasts in detail.

Front Tuck Vault
Deep Core and Posture Strength

Welcome to the GymTactics Videos channel: "Tactics" is a way of thinking about skills and thinking about coaching, always striving to find the best and most efficient way of teaching skills.

Three Quarter Turn on Uneven Bars (Baby Giant)

The complete training on the three-quarter giant on uneven bars. Learn how to get your gymnasts to pull themselves toward the bar with the arms straight.

Baby giant
Proper Hand Hold Grip - Acrobatic Gymnastics - Brandi Lewis

Creating a proper hand to hand position is important for all hand lifting skills. Here Brandi Lewis shows the proper way to hold hand for hand to hand balancing.

Developing Power in Back Handsprings in the Snap Down - Mas Watanabe

A strong powerful back handspring is one of the most important skills in tumbling. Here Mas Watanabe shows how to develop power in this important skill.

Back handspring
Technical Analysis: Training The Back Handspring On Floor

Excerpt from video 2/7 (Technical analysis) of the training on the back handspring on the floor by GymneoTV.

Back handspring
Video gymnastics : Spotting Jaeger by GymneoTV

Spotting techniques for the Jaeger. Watch a preview of the fourth video of our training on this uneven bars release move. ( Stage 1 : The spotting technique for the Jaeger salto stretched, completely taken apart. Stage 2…Jaeger

Moy Bail on Parallel Bars - Scott Burns

The Moy on Parallel Bars is a fairly common skill used in competitive gymnastics, Here Scott Burns show how to learn this skill.

Sissy Squats for Knee Strength - George Hery

Gymnastics is very demanding on your legs and knees. Here George Hery gives a simple drill to strengthen your knees and legs. It's pretty good for your core too!

The Jaeger Salto

The complete training on the Jaeger salto piked. Letting go of the bar, doing a salto, and recatching the bar - is it really that hard?

Apprentissage du Jaeger (partie 2/4)

GymneoLive #009 : Premières séances d’apprentissage sur le Jaeger .
Thème de la séance : Vérification des prérequis au trampoline (Kaboom avant à l’ATR et Kaboom ¾ avant) .

Back Handspring

Complete training on the back handspring on the floor. All the secrets for learning this essential gymnastics skill.

Back handspring
Techniques To Start The Stoop Circle (Adler) On High Bar (pdf)

This detailed paper discusses various techniques for entering the Adler element on high bar.

Yurchenko Drills - Kellie Mizoguchi

Here are a few Yurchenko drills to help straighten the round-off entry and lifting the upper body at the end of the round-off from Kellie Mizoguchi.

Yurchenko Vault
Skill Progressions #17: Straddle Press Handstand

Welcome to the GymTactics Videos channel: "Tactics" is a way of thinking about skills and thinking about coaching, always striving to find the best and most efficient way of teaching skills.

Press to handstand
Blocking for Yurchenkos - Mary Lee Tracy

Mary Lee Tracy explains some blocking drills for Yurchenko vaults.

Yurchenko Vault
Developing the Basics | Stretching | DeAvera Todd

This video is to introduce you to a 15 minute stretch that you can with the little ones to get them fully stretch. Make sure you always monitor the1 stretch and make corrections as they go through it. Consistency is key.

Strengthening Hip Flexors - Brandi Smith Young

Strong hip flexors are important for many gymnastic skills. Here Brandi Smith Young demonstrates a drill to help hip flexor strength.

Drill for late drop Stalder on low bar

This common drill is a step up from drills on the floor for gymnasts with the requisite strength and flexibility.