Squaring Off Your Roundoff - Tony Gehman

Here is a quick tip to help keep your round-off going in a straight line from Tony Gehman.

Front Layout Position with Handstand Trainer - Tony Retrosi

Here is a unique drill from Tony Retrosi to improve body positions for front layouts using a handstand trainer.

Front layout
Arabian Drills - Mary Lee Tracy

Here are a couple of drills to improve arabian fronts from Mary Lee Tracy.

Exploring The Effectiveness Of Pre-Performance Routines In Elite Artistic Gymnasts: A Mixed Method Investigation [PDF]

The purpose of this study was to explore both content and variation of pre- performance routines (PPR) between the four apparatus within Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. Participants were purposely selected from former Great Britain…

Gymnastics And The Female Athlete Triad: Reality Or Myth? [PDF]

In sports that require low body weight, it is questioned whether the high frequency and intensity of training can compromise growth and maturation. Aim was to evaluate the influence of gymnastics on nutritional status, body composition…

Apprentissage du salto arrière groupé au sol (partie 4/4)

GymneoLive #018 : Premières séances d'apprentissage sur le salto arrière groupé au sol - Partie 4. Thème de la séance : Découverte des actions pour "grouper" à la suite de la phase de décollage

Back tuck
Developing Body Alignment - Tony Gehman

Here is a quick drill from Tony Gehman to help with body alignment for tumbling.

The Complete Training on the Kip on the Uneven Bars

This Gymneo guide covers prerequisites, spotting technique, physical preparation and more.

Flipping Forward from Your Back - George Hery

Trampoline in a great place to work on flipping skills and air awareness. Here George Hery shows some forward flipping skills.

Glide Kip for Parallel Bars - Kevin Mazeika

The glide kip on parallel bars is very different than a kip on high bar or a glide kip on uneven bars. It's much more like a stoop on high bar. Here Kevin Mazeika explains how to do a great glide kip on parallel bars.

Handstand Positioning with Mirrors - Tony Retrosi

Here is an easy drill from Tony Retrosi for athletes to evaluate and correct their handstand positions.

Some Glide Kip Mistakes

A good video from Joe Langley on spotting and correcting common mistakes in glide kips.

Bridge to Stand Up

This is a great tutorial for teaching young beginner gymnasts to stand up from a bridge.

Press Handstand - Tony Retrosi

Tips for improving a press to handstand from Tony Retrosi.

Press to handstand
Skill Progression #4: Squat On, Jump to High Bar

This video presents a few drills to use when teaching a jump to the high bar, specifically for girls who are very young and might otherwise find jumping to the high bar scary. The goal of these drills is to help build confidence in the…

Neil Resnick - Pak Progressions

Here are some progressions for the Pak Salto as presented by Neil Resnick, head coach at Boise State. This is another piece of a presentation given at the 2002 Illinois State Gymnastics Congress.

Pak salto
Yurchenko Drills Part 2 - Kellie Mizoguchi

This is the second part of Kellie Mizoguchi's Yurchenko drills.

Yurchenko Vault
Leap Drill - Tammy Biggs

Tammy Biggs with a drill to improve leaps.

Developing the Basics | Vault | DeAvera Todd

Some quick ideas on starting vault for the Little’s.

The Swing Half Turn on Uneven Bars

The complete training on the swing half turn on the uneven bars. Explore Gymneo's first training on skills based on backswings with a long-axis turn.

Drills for Giants on Uneven Bars

Giant swings are one of the more difficult “basic” skills that every gymnast must have. It takes strength (with out them fighting the natural swing) as well as a good  tap and extension.

Giant circle
Valdez for Back Handspring Leg Drive - Tony Retrosi

Great leg form is challenging on back handsprings and layout step outs on beam. Here Tony Retrosi shows how he uses a Valdez to teach strong leg drive and form for these skills.

Pak Salto

Joe Langley describes the Pak salto and notes some mistakes to correct.

Pak salto
Handstand Flatback Drill - Christopher Brown

Here is another drill from Christopher Brown from California Sport Center. Most people are familiar with the handstand flat back drill for handsprings on vault and front giants. Here is a simple way to introduce it to beginners.