La bascule aux barres asymétriques : Présentation de la formation vidéo en ligne GymneoTV

Présentation de la formation vidéo en ligne Gymneo TV sur la bascule aux barres asymétriques. Retrouvez l'intégralité de cette formation sur cet élément de gymnastique sur le Durée totale du cours composé de 7 vidéos :…Kip

The Physics of the Gymnastic Giant

It should be clear that if you want to swing higher or faster, you must add energy to the system (in this case, the Earth and the gymnast). One way to add energy is to exert a force as the center of mass moves.

Giant circle
Video de Gym : Présentation de la formation sur la lune au saut de cheval, GymneoTV

Présentation de la formation vidéo en ligne sur la lune au saut de cheval en gymnastique. Retrouvez l'intégralité de la formation, d'une durée de 1h16 sur Vous y découvrirez une analyse technique, les prérequis, des…Front handspring vault

Back Handspring

Complete training on the back handspring on the floor. All the secrets for learning this essential gymnastics skill.

Back handspring
Skill Progressions #16: Sole Circle

Welcome to the GymTactics Videos channel: "Tactics" is a way of thinking about skills and thinking about coaching, always striving to find the best and most efficient way of teaching skills.

Sole circle
Low Back Initial Injury Care for Gymnasts

An instructional video on how to tape your gymnast when she has suffered a lower back injury.

Neil Resnick - Pak Progressions

Here are some progressions for the Pak Salto as presented by Neil Resnick, head coach at Boise State. This is another piece of a presentation given at the 2002 Illinois State Gymnastics Congress.

Pak salto
Back Layout Full Twist Examples

The back full is one of the first skills that progresses into more than basic tumbling. This video looks at several techniques and discusses errors commonly encountered.

Back full
Developing Power in Back Handsprings in the Snap Down - Mas Watanabe

A strong powerful back handspring is one of the most important skills in tumbling. Here Mas Watanabe shows how to develop power in this important skill.

Back handspring
Needle Kicks

Needle kicks are an important base for future aerial walkovers.

Front aerial
Yurchenko Drills shared by Gerson Ramirez

Here are a few Yurchenko drills for your basket of session assignments.

Yurchenko Vault
Salto Stretched With One Turn

The complete training on the salto backward stretched with a full twist on the floor.

Back full
Double Back

The complete training on the double back. The double salto backward is a characteristic gymnastics skill that many gymnasts dream of doing. What if you could help them realize this dream?

Double tuck
Shoulder Flexibility at Home - Mary Lee Tracy

Here are some stretching exercises from Mary Lee Tracy and Amanda to help you keep in shape at home when the gym is closed for the holidays.

Artistic Gymnastics And Fear: Reflections On Its Causes

In the field of sports psychology it is nearly unanimous that both positive and negative emotions directly affect sports performance. In the case of artistic gymnastics (AG), it is not uncommon for athletes to face one specific,…

Gymnastics And The Female Athlete Triad: Reality Or Myth? [PDF]

In sports that require low body weight, it is questioned whether the high frequency and intensity of training can compromise growth and maturation. Aim was to evaluate the influence of gymnastics on nutritional status, body composition…

Artistic Hands for Gymnastics - Donna Culp

Dance presentation sells a floor routine. Here is a quick tip on how to improve your hands from Donna Culp.

Training Load In Pre-Pubertal Female Artistic Gymnastics [PDF]

An understanding of the multiple factors affecting young gymnasts is required to assist in optimizing performance and injury prevention.

Gymnastics Psychology: Problems for Perfectionist Gymnasts

Dr. Patrick Cohn and Olympian Wendy Bruce-Martin discuss the top mental game challenges for gymnasts. Learn how perfectionism can be an asset and a problem for competitive gymnasts.

Biomechanical Characteristics of Key Elements of Gienger Salto Technique on Uneven Bars

The purpose of the paper is to highlight the biomechanical characteristics of the Gienger salto on uneven bars performed by female junior gymnasts aged 12 to 14.

The Effect Of Two Different Conditions Of Whole-Body Vibration On Flexibility And Jumping Performance On Artistic Gymnasts [PDF]

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of different conditions of Whole Bode Vibration (WBV) on flexibility and jumping performance on artistic gymnasts. Twelve well trained gymnasts volunteered to participate in this study…

Gymnastics: Back handspring with step-out on the beam

Excerpt from video 4/7 (pedagogy) of the training on the back handspring with step out on the beam.(technical analysis, prerequisites, specific physical preparation, spotting, drills, live performance...) Get the entire sequence on…Back handspring

Finishing the Dislocate on Rings - Hideo Mizoguchi

The dislocate is one of the first swing elements that is learned on rings. Here Hideo (Mizo) Mizoguchi explains how to keep good pressure on the rings through the skill.

Front Aerial

The complete training on the front aerial on beam. How to teach this move that combines technique, strength, and flexibility!

Front aerial