The App

An intuitive app that helps you stay on top of the Code.

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Clean, intuitive interface.

Portrait and Landscape views

We've built a clean interface that makes it simple to navigate as you browse our thorough library of gymnastics elements. It's easy to filter the elements you want to study! Reset the view with a simple pull-to-refresh.

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Study, Search, Learn.

Three quizzes to get you up to speed

Gymsymbol comes with three types of quizzes. View the description of a skill and find the matching symbol, view the symbol and select the matching difficulty value. Or, simply choose to see the skill description and choose the diificulty value from there.

A Thorough Library of Skills

Vault - 87
Uneven Bars - 273
Balance Beam - 310
Floor Exercise - 150

Three languages

Each skill's description comes in three langauges