Precision and style.

The professional font for Women's Artistic Gymnastics judges.




Modern, elegant symbols bring your slides to life.

Used by top gymnastics judges around the world, the Gymsymbol font enhances presentations with bright, clean symbols. Join professionals at the top and give your audience the benefits of clear notation in your slides.


Carefully designed to cover a thorough collection of symbols.

Our aesthetic symbols represents the elegance of women's artistic gymnastics and bring that style to your presentations.

Symbol variants and supplemental symbols New in v2.0

Our library contains many symbols not found in the Table of Elements, but commonly used, including devalued skills and supplemental symbols denoting movements and poses which must be considered in scoring a routine.

Symbol variants
Supplementary symbols

Common questions about the Gymsymbol font

Shout out to @gymsymbol if you've got more questions and we'll do our best to answer.

  • How do I purchase the font?

    The Gymsymbol font can currently be purchased via PayPal. Send us a message by e-mail through out contact page and we'll get back to you with details (it's not hard).

  • How is the font delivered?

    Once we have confirmed your payment and you have agreed to the lience, the font is delivered in a .zip file along with some instructional text files.

  • Where can I install the font?

    With a persoinal licence, you may install the font on up to three of your own personal computers.

  • Is there a bulk licence?

    Yes, licences are available to organisations. Whether you represent a regional zone of judges or a national federation, we are happy to try to meet your needs.