Handstand Positioning with Mirrors - Tony Retrosi

Here is an easy drill from Tony Retrosi for athletes to evaluate and correct their handstand positions.

Double Back

The complete training on the double back. The double salto backward is a characteristic gymnastics skill that many gymnasts dream of doing. What if you could help them realize this dream?

Double tuck
New York City Ballet Workout

This video features dancers demonstrating exercises, in a fitness programme once used by the New York Ballet Company. Gymnastics coaches will find many exercises here that can be applied to our sport as well.

Cast Handstand Drills - Tony Retrosi

Here is a drill for casting to handstand on uneven bars from Tony Retrosi.

Cast to handstand

A quick look at the Tinsica.

A Step by Step Guide to Better Bridges & Back Handsprings

Bridges, Back Handsprings, and Back Pain - Everything you need to know from Dave Tilley's SHIFT Movement Science and Gymnastics Education.

Back handspring Bridge
The Effect Of Two Different Conditions Of Whole-Body Vibration On Flexibility And Jumping Performance On Artistic Gymnasts [PDF]

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of different conditions of Whole Bode Vibration (WBV) on flexibility and jumping performance on artistic gymnasts. Twelve well trained gymnasts volunteered to participate in this study…

Handstand Flatback Drill - Christopher Brown

Here is another drill from Christopher Brown from California Sport Center. Most people are familiar with the handstand flat back drill for handsprings on vault and front giants. Here is a simple way to introduce it to beginners.

La souplesse arrière à la poutre : Présentation de la formation vidéo GymneoTV

Retrouvez dans cette vidéo, la présentation de la formation GymneoTV sur la souplesse arrière à la poutre. La formation d'une durée de 1h00 et composée de 7 vidéos est disponible sur

Back walkover
Developing Upper Arm Support Strength - Scott Burns

The upper arm support on men's parallel bars is unique to gymnastics. Here Scott Burns from California Sport Center shows a drill to develop this unique strength.

A Case Study Of The Body Weight Management Of An Elite Gymnast During The Preparing Period For 2012 Olympiad [PDF]

Based on the needs of higher and higher competition level day by day in the world, more and more details gained from training practice should contribute more evidence to the development of gymnastic. This report would like to present…

Understanding Sever’s Disease and Gymnastics

Sever’s Disease is gymnast can be hard to distinguish from other pains. However, the most common symptoms of Sever’s Disease include pain, swelling, redness ...

Le pivot de base

GymneoLive #006 : Le pivot de base . Préparation chorégraphique en compagnie de Grégory Milan .

Connecting Backward and Forward Tumbling - Mas Watanabe

Combination tumbling can increase your start value on floor exercise. Here Mas Watanabe shows how to change from tumbling backwards to forwards.

Weiler Kip Example

This video showing Abbie Pearson is a good example of a Wieler kip which you can use to show your gymnasts who are learning this reverse grip D skill.

Weiler Kip
Clear Hip Handstand: Shape, Drop, Open

This two-page article by Karen Goeller covers the details of teaching the clear hip circle to handstand, which is a core skill on uneven bars. The article also contains some pointers on safety.

Clear hip circle
Front Tumbling Drills - Tony Retrosi

Being able to accelerate front tumbling make the more difficult skills easier. Here Tony show drills for the handspring front and handspring front layout using an inclined mat.

Straddle Cast Handstand Drill

Mary Lee Tracy shares an ingenious drill to stabilize straddle cast handstand 1/2 pirouettes.

Straddle cast to HS
Front Aerial

The complete training on the front aerial on beam. How to teach this move that combines technique, strength, and flexibility!

Front aerial
Technical Analysis: Training The Back Handspring On Floor

Excerpt from video 2/7 (Technical analysis) of the training on the back handspring on the floor by GymneoTV.

Back handspring
Swing Development for Bars - Mas Watanabe

Here is a drill from Mas Watanabe to develop a strong and relaxed swing. He has used this technique for over forty years and trained many of today's successful coaches.

Tap swing
Parallel Bar Support Swing - Christopher Brown

A strong Parallel Bar Support Swing is difficult for young boys to learn. Here Christopher Brown from California Sports Center shows a drill he uses to help develop this skill.

Leap Drill - Tammy Biggs

Tammy Biggs with a drill to improve leaps.

Front Handspring Vault Tutorial - Gymnastics Instruction

A comprehensive Gymnastics Instructional Video that shows the how to teach a Front Handspring Vault on the Vault Table. This is a video for Gym Owners to teach their coaches how to Front Handspring Vault on a Vault Table.

Front handspring vault